Self Confidence

It is possible that there are those with innate self-confidence. There are those whose parents were able to instill a strong enough sense of this thing – that it took hold through adulthood. Then, there are those of us – maybe through the harshness of life – who have struggled with gaining a confidence in ourselves. Perhaps you have experienced many foiled attempts at success – whatever you define that to be. Maybe you’re like me and have experienced much success and defeat.

The key is to forget self confidence all together. It may sound a strange thing to consider. Consider this: when the voices of less-than arise; seek out the voices of those who care about you. Maybe it’s your higher power; perhaps it’s a family member; it could very well be a close friend. Allow them to speak to who you are. Soon, the voices you hear will become the voices of those who know you and care for you. These are the voices in which you can have confidence.


Photo provided by: bitesizeinspiration