Dream Big – Tweeting Celebrities!

dreambigThis is just a reminder to myself and all of you out there to always dream big. More than that, reach big! What do I mean by that? Of course, I’m doing all the daily actions required to grow iGirlTechNews.com. I’m attending lots of events, talking to anyone that will listen, learning everything I can, and much more.

However, sometimes I think you just need to do something that’s way out there. Maybe you won’t get a response or perhaps nothing will come of it. I promise, that doing something beyond what you think is possible will – in the very least – let the that Higher Power know you’re willing to dream big.

I sent the following tweets today. If nothing happens I’m OK with that. I’m just letting the world know I’m passionate about this project and no matter the result – I’m just going for it!





Blog Photo by KayVee.INC