Entrepreneur and Technology BloggerFrom the belly of technology and entrepreneurship a tech blogger is born. This Gen X’er isn’t just any tech blogger; nope, he’s the Webpreneur Nerd! This silly son-of-a-gun started falling in love with technology at the young age of eight. After hours of his Dad and him writing code, they finally got a little digital cannon-ball to fire across the television screen – all from their Tandy computer.

His real affair with the technology and business started at age twenty-two when he opened his first web development company and decided to learn HTML. Oh the power! You can imagine (listen to your inner-nerd) the excitement of creating something cool with nothing more than Netscape and Notepad. After several great years of building websites; selling computers; and doing tech training – it was time to take a little drive. The business sold quickly and they – he and his family – loaded up and made the 3000 mile drive from Florida to Southern California.

A few months after arriving and working with some awesome missionaries; Tony caught wind of a cool opportunity working for the largest anti-virus software business in the country. The destination? The Great North-West and little town of Eugene, Oregon. It was an awesome place to raise his now twenty-one year old son and a place he’ll always consider home.

In the past several years he’s had the opportunity to run a marketing company; teach technology to high school students; and even work for a family wealth system in LA for a couple of years. Upon hearing of an opportunity to work with a small technical training company back in Eugene – he just couldn’t resist. He spent what he calls “an amazing two years” serving as the Sales Manager to fourteen dynamic individuals.

All of his experiences culminated to one undeniable conclusion. His love of technology and business – along with his life-long dream of writing and teaching all led him to become the Webpreneur Nerd. Now he spends his days going to awesome tech events; meeting amazing business and tech nerds; and writing reviews from his unique point-of-view.