3 Steps to Being Different

The hardest question you’ll ask as a new entrepreneur just might be; what makes me different? I’ve often struggled with this question and through practice and research have come up with a few simple ways to see the light. As you read through this, keep in mind that it’s the three answers combined that bring the magic (no one answer stands on its own).

What’s different about the product itself?

Maybe you’ve made sure that all the materials you use are eco-friendly or that they’re all from a local source. Perhaps you’re using materials from a group of South African female entrepreneurs struggling to have a better life. Maybe you’ve come up with processes that make your product less expensive, or last longer, or more personalized. Take fifteen minutes to create a list of what makes your product or service special in your eyes. Don’t worry that there are other eco-friendly products on the market for now. The next couple of questions will take you even further down the rabbit-hole of awesome.


You absolutely have to ask yourself why you’re doing this. Why are you creating this product or service? There are so many companies and solopreneurs that never answer this question. The problem, most people buy because of the why! What’s your higher purpose? Are you trying to help South African female entrepreneurs have that better life they’re working so hard to attain? Maybe there’s another cause that you care deeply about. I would suggest spending a little time reflecting on the many problems we have in our world. What’s one problem that when you think about it – you get a little (or a lot) more emotional? Is there something you can build into your product or service that speaks directly to that cause?

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What do your friends say about you?

Think about it. There are so many times that I’ve purchased a product or service because I like the person that’s selling it to me. Heck, most of the training I purchase is because I love the energy of the trainer – determining if the training has good stuff comes later. Take a little time to talk with friends. Maybe even create a short survey asking a few simple questions like “What’s the first thing you think of when you think of me?” You’ll get all kinds of great feedback. Now, make sure you put those awesome personality traits into everything you do. Build it into the product or service if you can; make sure those traits shine on your YouTube videos, or Tweets, or Facebook posts.

Think about this:

Now you know what’s special about your product. Yeah, there are still plenty of other products that fall into that category. However, now you know why you’re selling your product and there are even fewer companies doing it for that reason. Lastly, and most importantly, you know the YOU that’s selling your product and there are ZERO other people out there just like you!

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Photo by Medhi