Will the real computer tech please stand up?

One of the comments I received recently is that it’s nearly impossible to find a good computer tech. I can imagine that it’s a lot like trying to find a good auto repair service. So, I went on a hunt for sites that could help with this daunting endeavorĀ and was very disappointed with the lack of resources. Sure, you can try Yelp and hope that the reviews aren’t purchased and meaningless, but who wants to spend the time looking at each profile to see if they’re fakies – not me.

Or, you can give Angie’s List a try; or, maybe not. After doing a little research I found an article that explains how this site makes money. Oh, you thought it just made money by charging you to be a member? Nope. It also sells paid ranking on the site. Really? In Angie’s defense, they claim to only sell ranking to companies with an A or B score and if the company drops below a B they claim to remove them. Hmm, I’m not sure how much I trust these claims or want to take the chance.

So, instead of setting out to find a great list of all the wonderful techies out there; I decided to see what others said about the peril of finding the tech-in-shining-armor. I found a great article that lists all the things you should look for when searching for your nerd extraordinaire. Having been in the tech support industry for a long time I can tell you that these are some great tips. I would add that a good tech does not come off as a know-it-all. Sure, they should know a great deal about all things computer. But, if you find they are “acting” like a know-it-all; chances are they know nothing.

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