The Webpreneur Nerd

An Army of Negativity

The days will be rolling along smoothly with the promise of new experiences and exciting possibilities. Then, it just happens; comes out of no-where. Sometimes it starts with a phone call; sometimes an e-mail or stale-mail. A situation that I thought was resolved – or a new calamity – will rear it’s ugly head and…

I’m no Seth

I started reading a book by Seth Godin today. It’s basically a compilation of several blog posts he’s written over time. After about fifteen minutes all I could think was – wow, why can’t I come up with this stuff? I started to wonder why I couldn’t think like Seth and come up with those…

Star Trek Desktop? Oh Ya!

So, I get this FB message at 10am this morning! It’s Brad and he’s all excited about a new app that he found that turns your desktop into a Star Trek console. What’s great is that it doesn’t take over your shell (no deep integration to worry about). It’s just a program you run from your desktop.

It even has voice commands that make the Star Trek beep when activated and can do all kinds of stuff – like open Chrome for you. Check it out. If you like it – share it using one of the share buttons below!